Help Build Yan-Oya Raja Maha Viharaya, Trincomale, Sri Lanka

  • Sanghawasa remaining work (roof and internal walls & floor finishing) 400,000 Rs
  • Water supply (well construction, motor, tank etc.) : 500,000 Rs
  • Electricity connection and wiring: 150,000 Rs
  • Doors/windows 50,000 Rs
  • Total 1.1 Million LKR

More photos and information about this Arana ->

Brochure: Help Build Yan

Help Buy an Ambulance for Bhikku Hospital

There is an opportunity to help the Bhikkhu hospital started by the Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa thero in Horana. Check the photo below.
13592574_1062811770471176_2184920423867698849_n (1)
As of a week ago 2.5 million was collected from donors around the world out of about 10 million estimated amount needed to buy the Ambulance.
More information about this Bhikkhu hospital can be obtained from the two websites below.
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Project Progress: On 2016-08-29 We have sent $6,900 for this project.
As of 2017-06-19 Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa thero has bought the Ambulance the details are posted in his Facebook page with the photos.

Helping Flood Victims – 2016 May


Project Progress: completed on 06/05/2015. PNF has collected 1480 USD from the donors in US. An anonymous donor has come forward to double the donated amount increasing the grand total to 2960 USD. This amount has been transferred it to the Thavathinsa Yathra account in Sri Lanka shown above. If you are interested to know more details please contact us.

The photos of the donations made by the Thavathinsa Yathra were posted on their Facebook page which can be accessed here.

PET CT Scanner for Cancer Hospital

Maharagama Cancer Hospital  in Sri Lanka is badly in need of a PET CT scanner. So far only one private hospital has the facilities necessary to do PET scans. One scan costs around Rs.150,000 and during the course of treatment most patients need to undergo many scans but they cannot  afford private scans.

A PET CT scanner costs approximately Rs. 200 million.  The lack of a PET CT scanner has caused complications and irregularities in the diagnosis of cancer. In other words, a PET scan would give hope of life to a person who would have otherwise succumbed to a deadly disease.

Please watch this video:

We encourage everyone of you to watch the video.

Path Nirvana Foundation ( is helping raise funds in USA for this noble cause. If you wish, you can make a donation quickly from

Project Progress: completed on 06/05/2015. PNF has collected 7011 USD from the donors in US and transferred it to the Cancer Hospital account in Sri Lanka. If you are interested to know more details please contact us.

Helping Basawakkulama Monastery

Ven Mankadawala Sudassana thero is one of the most prominent meditation teachers in Sri Lanka. A 3 story meditation center and a bhikku training center is being built in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka for the furtherance of his dhamma teaching activities. The center will be used by local and international Sangha community to research and practice the dhamma in accordance with the Pali Canon.

There is a rare opportunity for you to help in the construction of Center. The construction progress as of mid November 2015 can be seen in the photographs below.

Bhikku Center Photographs

If you are living in USA, you can donate to this project via Path Nirvana Foundation (PNF) which is a US 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization. Please email for more information.

We will send all the funds gathered for this project on Feb 13 2016, so please send your funds before that. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by the law.

Project Progress: completed on 02/13/2015. PNF has collected 5700 USD from the donors in US and transferred it to the Dhammahadaya Aramaya account in Sri Lanka. If you are interested to know more details please contact us.

The photos of the completed building were posted in the Sudassana thero’s website here.