Promote Home Gardens

To face the current food crisis in Sri Lanka we have started a Home garden project. As the initial kick start we have donated plants, seeds and compost to 1,000 families. These were donated to 28 urban areas in Dehiwala and Ratmalana.

Continuous monitoring and support for these families will be done through 5 officials per urban area (Grama Seva Officer, Economic Dev Officer, Agriculture Officer and two Trainees). Officials will visit each home garden and provide guidance. The families can reach out for help and guidance through WhatsApp groups created for each area. Additionally the coordination of the activities will be done through a full time staff member based at Sahana Udaya Elders Home in Attidiya (No.28 D.S. Kahawita Lane, Attidiya, Dehiwala, Tel: 011-2761-832).

We plan to expand this project to 3,000 home gardens in urban areas over the next three months. Please visit our Donate page to make a donation for this program. Our foundation is run by volunteers and hence 100% of your donation goes towards the funding this project.

Hospital Service Support Foundation

Hospital Service Support Foundation is established with the aim of providing the Opportunity to aid the growing health-care needs of Sri Lanka. Our primary aim is to create a sustainable platform to connect both the US living Sri Lankan community and other local organizations interested in supporting the welfare needs of developing countries. The partnership with Hospital Services Council (HSC), an existing non-profit organization in Sri Lanka, paves the necessary path to distribute services collected here in the US and successfully distribute them to the needed patients in local hospitals in Sri Lanka. We further ensure our generous donors that all items donated are distributed carefully to selected poverty-stricken patients through an extensive screening process conducted by HSC in coordination with local hospitals to ensure that your donation reaches the best need as possible.

Please visit the donate page for information about how to donate.