PET CT Scanner for Cancer Hospital

Maharagama Cancer Hospital  in Sri Lanka is badly in need of a PET CT scanner. So far only one private hospital has the facilities necessary to do PET scans. One scan costs around Rs.150,000 and during the course of treatment most patients need to undergo many scans but they cannot  afford private scans.

A PET CT scanner costs approximately Rs. 200 million.  The lack of a PET CT scanner has caused complications and irregularities in the diagnosis of cancer. In other words, a PET scan would give hope of life to a person who would have otherwise succumbed to a deadly disease.

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Path Nirvana Foundation ( is helping raise funds in USA for this noble cause. If you wish, you can make a donation quickly from

Project Progress: completed on 06/05/2015. PNF has collected 7011 USD from the donors in US and transferred it to the Cancer Hospital account in Sri Lanka. If you are interested to know more details please contact us.