Helping Flood Victims – 2017 May

Be a part of the flood donation programme, conducted by Path Nirvana Foundation.

Now you can donate to the people who are affected by the floods and landslides in different parts of the country with long term support items such as clothes, water filters, mattresses and medicine.

Path Nirvana Foundation is collecting funds to distribute goods among various projects helping the relief operations in Sri Lanka. Please make your charitable donation using our donation instructions.

Update on 06/23/2017
Total Flood Donations (Rs 1,215,000)
  1. Collected in US and Sent to Sri Lanka – $6,475.05 (Rs. 981,845.15) on 06/17/2017
  2. Collected in Sri Lanka – Rs. 235,000
This amount was donated to Ven Ventalalle Chandakitthi’s flood donation program (Dhammadeepa Foundation) by our director in Sri Lanka Mr Udana in 3 allotments

  1. Rs 175,000 – Cash (for shirts)
  2. Rs 355,000 – Cash
  3. Rs 685,000 – Check

respectively. In addition Mr Udana has personally supervised program by traveling to the flood area with Ven Thero to attend the donation.

photos and videos taken by Mr Udana at the event
giving the check to Ven Thero
Ven Theros photos of the event in his FB Page