Path Nirvana Foundation (PNF) is a US non profit organization. It was formed in September 2015 with the goal of providing support for a variety of charitable causes to advance the humanity towards a better future. Uplifting physical, mental and spiritual well being of the humanity is one of the main focus areas for PNF.

We invite everyone to take a look at our projects and provide us support in any method possible. It can be monetary support, suggestions, advice or volunteering. PNF is run by volunteers and therefore no administrative costs are involved in PNF. Even the wire transfer fees will be born by our volunteers, so that 100% of your donation will reach the cause/project you are supporting.

Please contact us using our info@pathnirvana.org email address. We are located at 964 San Simeon Dr, Concord CA 94518. +1-925-817-9380

Our board of directors include

  • Udana Ratnabharathi
  • Lal Senanayake
  • Gayan Pothuhera