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The offering of 5000 Tipitakas at one given time could well be considered the largest ever Dharma Dana made to monks in the recent past. The concept itself arises from the disheartening situation found currently worldwide where the pristine Buddha word which is given the supreme place of teacher and guide in the absence of Lord Buddha himself, is being distorted and interpreted as thought fit by certain monks creating doubt and confusion among the followers. The primary reason for this malpractice is the lack of knowledge about the contents of Abhidhamma, Sutra and Vinaya Pitakas (texts). The teachings of the Lord Buddha is preserved in its purest form in these texts and they are available in voluminous printed version known as the Tipitaka .

The unavailability of this source of knowledge due to its considerably high cost and bulky size has resulted in a situation where monks give their own meanings as they seem fit and misguide the followers. In an attempt to provide a solution to this critical issue, a timely idea was brought forward to provide the Tipitaka to monks in electronic form. A device has been customized and designed in the form of a Tab where only the functionality of reading is made available. All other options usually available in such a device has been removed so ensure that the e-reader would be used only to gain access to the already installed Tipitaka, Atuwa, Tika etc.

5000 invited monks will be offered in year 2020 at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium at the Vibhajjavada Bhikku Conference. The opportunity is available to sponsor one such device at a fixed price or a make contribution towards the cause. Make use of this great opportunity you have been given to support preserve the pristine Buddha word and to make that knowledge available to the Maha Sangha in an attempt to stop the distortion of the Buddhist Philosophy. May the merit of this task help each and every one of you on your journey through samsara in understanding the teachings of the Lord Buddha. May the merit of this help you see the reality of life from within.

You can make a donation for this Dhamma donation program through Path Nirvana Foundation. We are planning to end this campaign on 5th January 2020. Please send your donation before then. Methods of Donation

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